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Summer Work Opportunities

Posted by titantv on May 30, 2014 at 1:20 PM Comments comments (1)

By Shelby Gordon 


The Student Services office at McDowell High has been really proactive this year in informing students about summer learning, volunteering, and working options. They frequently send out emails about different camps being offered at colleges, such as the Citadel, Wingate, Appalachian, and Stanford. Students have also been receiving emails about volunteer opportunities at the YMCA and Lake James. For students looking for jobs, information can be found in the Student Service office about lifeguard training, and students also received an email last week about summer jobs at National Parks.

Lifeguard training costs $175 and is taking place at Mountain Paradise Pool from May 26 to June 5, and that will include CPR, AED, and First Aid. After being certified, these people can apply for jobs at any of McDowell’s pools.

Since McDowell’s location is so close to the parkway and several of the National Parks found along it, it’s a very exciting opportunity for students to be able to work at these establishments. Mount Mitchell is currently taking applications for park and concession attendants, the only requirement being the person must be at least eighteen years of age. As a staff member, the worker will be provided with lodging for the Summer free of charge, as long as they are willing to work weekends.

If anyone is interested in working at one of the National Parks, go to http://www.ncparks.gov/Jobs/seasonal.php, and fill out an application. They are being accepted right now, and at several other places besides Mount Mitchell. Grandfather Mountain, Lake Norman, and Hanging Rock are a few other places that are hiring summer workers. There is an assortment of jobs out there for these other locations, so if anyone is wanting to get out of town and widen their horizons this summer, one of these jobs might be the ticket.

Dress Code Nonsense

Posted by titantv on May 30, 2014 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (0)

By Summer Parkins 


“Now girls, let’s talk about the dress code.”

I know I’m not alone when statements like this infuriate me. Before I really get started, I just want to make a little disclaimer: Yes, I am a girl and, no, I’m not writing this because I want to dress provocatively or because I personally have gotten written up for dress code. However, it has been brought to my attention lately how frankly sexist the enforcement of our school’s dress code really is.

Now, please understand that I do understand that there should be some limitations to what students need to have covered when they come to school. By that, I mean, I fully agree with the fact that students should have their “private parts” covered at all times. However, some of the limitations are quite ridiculous and are only enforced when a female student is the violator. Take tank tops, for example. I’ve seen several girls get written up or pulled to the side for wearing tank tops that with straps that are much wider than three inches, and even t-shirts with splits in the sleeves up to the shoulder.

What’s worse about the issue of the already absurd tank top rule is the fact that males rarely, if ever, get called out on it. I by no means want to get anyone else in trouble, but it’s extremely misogynistic that girls are the only ones to get in trouble for it. If the rule must exist, it should apply to all students. I’m sure there have been a few (and I do mean very few) instances in which a boy was written up or told to change, but the majority of male dress code violators have not. An anonymous boy’s opinion on the dress code was, “I don’t know. I don’t really have one. The dress code doesn’t apply to me, so…”

Several of the teachers feel as if the reason girls are under heavier enforcement of the dress code is because “boys are more easily distracted,” according to Mrs. Erin Bleier. If a boy can’t control himself, that shouldn’t be my problem. Our society is teaching girls from a young age that if a boy sexually harasses them, it’s their fault. We are also teaching boys that it’s okay for them to act out on every sexual whim. Frankly, though, I don’t actually know any teenage boys that are set off by shoulders, more than four inches of leg above the knee, or - dare I say it - the edge of a bra strap. If there actually are boys that are set off by these things, I think they need a little more than a dress code to remedy that problem. In fact, I would highly recommend a visit to the doctor.

What’s more is that we aren’t only allowing girls to be oppressed, but we are also putting boys in this category of sex-driven, uncontrollable animals, which is extremely degrading as well. I personally know several boys who are very, very respectful of all women. Jacob Lowe, a senior at McDowell said, “As a teenage guy, I’m tired of the stereotypical judgement we get from others, being treated like we are sex animals. We can control ourselves in the school environment just as much as girls can.”

Our female athletes, too, have to deal with this injustice outside of the classroom. When I went into the gym to see how many guys had on tank tops in comparison to the girls, the number was zero. Why? Not because they were in dress code approved t-shirts, but because they weren’t wearing shirts at all. The girls, of course, were in t-shirts and long shorts. It doesn’t stop here, either. Earlier on in the year, I would see the cross country team practicing nearly every day. More often than not, those boys were topless then, too. Why is it that this is allowed when the girls weren’t allowed to wear tank tops or even sports bras in the practices? I’m not saying I think they should wear sports bras in front of their male teammates, but the boys shouldn’t be topless in front of their female teammates either. I know the boys get hot running outside for hours on end in the hot sun, but guess what? The girls are, too. Katelyn Rideout, a member of cross country said, “The rules should apply to everyone. If girls aren’t allowed to run around shirtless the boys shouldn’t be either. It’s not that we necessarily want to wear sports bras to practice, it’s the fact that if we did along with the boys, we would be the ones who would get in trouble.”

I’m not saying we don’t need a dress code at all. Unfortunately, I know a few people that would come to school nearly naked if given the chance. What we need is a common sense dress code that is applied to all students.


End of the Year

Posted by titantv on May 15, 2014 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (0)

By Kayla Gallion 


The year is drawing to a close and several students are getting tired of school, but seniors can take heart that the end of year activities for them are about to begin, and their final day of high school is right around the corner.

Graduation is a little over a month away, but seniors must prepare for it by picking up caps and gowns and paying fines. However, not everything is so tedious, for several fun events are coming up to celebrate how far the seniors have come, such as the Senior Cookout, Baccalaureate, and finally, the Commencement Ceremony itself.

Before graduating, seniors must of course pass all of their classes, make up any loss of credit they have due to attendance, and take final exams. 1st and 2nd period finals for seniors will be on June 2nd, and 3rd and 4th period exams will be on the 3rd. Also before graduating, all fines must be paid. These fines could include anything from lunch fees to library fees to money owed in clubs or organizations. If they are not paid by May 23rd, the seniors who owe cannot walk across the stage at the Commencement Ceremony.

The Commencement, where most seniors will officially graduate, will be held Friday, June 13th at 6:30 PM. Seniors will be allowed to park at West, but all attending family members must park at either Peebles, Big Lots, or Roses, where shuttles will take them up to the high school. Only those who need handicapped parking will be allowed to park at the school. The stadium gates will open at 4 and seniors should be there no later than 5:15 so they can be dressed in cap and gown and lined up by 6. After the ceremony, graduates will need to go to the Media Center in order to receive their diploma. Pictures can be taken with families and Mrs. Gouge on the football field after commencement exercises, as well.

Dress code applies at Graduation, of course. Women are required to wear a “Sunday dress” or Bermuda-length shorts and a nice shirt. It is suggested that girls do not wear heels, since they can easily sink into the ground. Men must wear dress pants, a dress shirt, and tie. If necessary, the principals can give ties to those who need it. Obviously, caps and gowns will be worn over these outfits during the ceremony.

Any seniors who have not ordered their cap and gown need to do so. Caps and gowns, as well as tassels, graduation invitations, and other supplies ordered will be at the school on May 16th. Jostens will be here during all three lunches to hand everything out, so seniors need to attend school that day. An important senior meeting concerning Graduation will then be held on May 29th at 9:30. Graduation practice will take place on June 4th in the gym, then on June 11th in the stadium. Attendance at these practices is mandatory in order to walk at the ceremony.

Another ceremony held by the churches will be held to celebrate the seniors. Baccalaureate is on June 8th at Tom Johnson’s camping center. This ceremony is a graduation ceremony but a religious one, and it is optional. Seniors who do wish to attend will receive a catered meal and can bring guests, but must RSVP by May 28th by calling 828-724-9599. Attending seniors must wear their caps and gowns.

All of this sounds a bit overwhelming, but there are plenty of fun activities coming up for seniors, as well. The Senior Panoramic Picture will be held on Wednesday, May 21 at 9:30 AM in the gym. Senior Awards Day, where awards and scholarships will be announced, will be on June 4th before Graduation practice, and the Senior Cookout will be held that day during all three lunches. The Awards Banquet, at which honors students will be recognized and some seniors will receive Awards of Excellence, will be on May 15th. June 11th, a half day, is the last day of school, and after that seniors only have to walk across the stage in order to be officially done with high school.

Problems in the Parking Lot

Posted by titantv on April 29, 2014 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (0)

By Summer Parkins 


Since construction began last year, much drama has taken place in the student parking lot. Students have become frustrated with newly enforced rules and are confused as to why they are suddenly being put in place.

What several students aren’t aware of is that these rules have existed for several years, but haven’t been enforced because there wasn’t much call for it. However, in the past couple of years, incidents have taken place in the parking lot in which people have gotten injured and the school has been held accountable. Teachers and administrators have been blamed for things that occur on campus when they aren’t around. Legally, teachers cannot be held after 3:30 PM, therefore there is no one left to monitor the parking lot after this time.

In a perfect world, it wouldn’t be necessary that high schoolers would need to be monitored, but after several cases of angry parents calling and complaining about their children getting into fights, doing drugs and even getting pregnant on school grounds, administrators said they have been put in a difficult position. They are held responsible for things that take place on school grounds and are expected to make sure students behave as they should, even when they are not present. The only solution is to usher everyone out before 3:30 because there is no one left to monitor.

The administrators realize that it is difficult to clear the parking lots when the buses do not pull out until 3:20 PM and there is a constant stop in traffic. They also have acknowledged that students with jobs worry that the gas they can hardly afford is burning while they idle in traffic; however, administration has decided that there are no other options left. In order to keep students safe and to prevent liabilities, the parking lots must be cleared by 3:30.

Parents expect their children to be safe in a school setting, effectively making the teachers and administrators feel as if they have been put in a parental place. Mr. Rodney Wheeler said that parents don’t want their children getting into trouble or getting hurt, especially at school, “and neither do we.”

Privacy Violations

Posted by titantv on April 29, 2014 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (0)

By Shelby Gordon 


Times are changing, and as technology progresses, so does the relevance of social media. Almost everyone has some sort of technological means of communication with the public, and while this is a huge advancement for networking and making connections, it also signifies a new subject of censorship by the government.

George W. Bush enacted the Patriot Act in 2001, and in 2011 President Barack Obama issued a four year extension for three specific provisions- roving wiretaps, searches of business records, and surveillance of individuals suspected of terrorist related activities, according to the Huffington Post.

This can grant access to social media profiles, and sometimes calls and text messages. While this law was created to better prepare for terrorist activities, it has largely influenced social media policies within the US public school systems.

CNN reports there are schools in Glendale, California that paid out nearly $40,000 to a firm to monitor all of the school’s students’ social media posts, supposedly in search of drug references, truancy, suicidal thoughts, bullying, and violence. They also check these throughout the day to see if students have been using their smart phones in class.

While it’s a good thought if they can prevent students from harming themselves, one can’t help but wonder if these new circumstances qualify as privacy violations. The school board told reports that students age 13 or older did not have to give their consent to have their social media monitored.

Yes, we are still teenagers. But does that mean we don’t deserve the same rights as others? This nation was founded on principles of freedom, and it’s hard not to feel like those rights are being violated when teachers are allowed to stalk our social media.

McDowell High School has it’s own social media policies, but they were not created in house. They are North Carolina State Law, and it’s imperative students be aware of their rights. The average student can only be punished if something on their social media profiles qualifies as bullying, or it’s an illegal activity taking place on school grounds or while the student is wearing a McDowell High Logo.

However, for some people, this situation is a little different. For some athletes, such as the McDowell Cheerleaders, their social media is very carefully monitored. If a picture seems to be a little unseemly, or a text post is a little hateful or uses vulgar language, that cheerleader can be given demerits for what coaches believe to be inappropriate behavior for the high school’s role models. This could eventually result in being removed from the squad.

This same deal goes for National Honors Society. This is a club for the school’s highest GPAs, and they’re meant to be representatives of the school’s academic excellence. If they are caught posting things that can be construed as inappropriate, they can be removed from Honors Society.

Is this kind of monitoring acceptable? Or is it crushing individuality and freedom for young people? It can easily flip either way. Some people justify the monitoring by saying it happens frequently in the work force, and it teaches students a lesson to not post things on the internet they don’t want to receive the repercussions for. Others say spying on kids’ lives outside of school violates all of their civil rights and is completely irrelevant to the jobs of an education system. The kids are there to learn. Their personal lives belong to them.

Double Black Belt

Posted by titantv on April 17, 2014 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (0)

By Karlie Simmons


Things are almost never what they appear on the first glance especially when you are dealing with people. Someone can look so sweet and then be the complete opposite or someone can seem so weak or fragile and then they have an amazing amount of strength. A perfect example of this at McDowell High is Sophomore Matthew Tipton.

Matthew is a smart young man who has a bright future ahead of him. On the outside he looks fragile or frail because he is so small.One thing that you would never expect from Matthew would be that he takes martial arts or karate.

Not only that he takes karate but the rank that he holds in it. Tipton is a double black belt. “It doesn’t mean that I have a black belt that doubles or wraps around I literally have two black belts.” Tipton Each belt is from a different style of karate.

Tipton has been taking karate since he was in kindergarten. He started doing karate at Karakido off of main street he earned one of his black belts there. Now he has started taking karate at the YMCA in marion and he has earned his second black belt in goshushin.

He has been ranked higher than others since he has two black belts. “I’ve ranked first in sparring and katas and weapons.” He is also an assistant instructor.

German Visit

Posted by titantv on April 16, 2014 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (0)

By Summer Parkins 


For the past eight years, McDowell High has participated in the International Partnership: sending a group of McDowell students to Germany for nine days and bringing the German students to McDowell for six days. This is arranged through the Center for International Understanding of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

This year, the students from Duborg-Skolen with arrive on May 8 and stay with McDowell students as their host families until May 15. The day after their arrival, Duborg students will be touring MHS and attending the McDowell High prom that evening. Throughout their stay, they will participate in individual activities with their host families, take walking tours of Asheville, complete culture projects and take a field trip to Linville Falls.

“It was a fantastic experience finding out what life was like for people my age in another country. I hope to teach them the American ways of life and how we are slightly different, but mostly the same even though we come from different countries,” said Bethany Vance, who went to Germany with McDowell last Spring and also will be a hostess this year.

Participating students from both groups get the opportunity to learn about each others lives, different cultures and educational style.

Equal Work Equal Pay

Posted by titantv on April 16, 2014 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (0)

By Kayla Gallion


For the third year in a row, Democrats in the Senate failed to pass a bill that would help close the wage gap between men and women. Republicans have so far not given a good reason why they will not help close the gap. And women? Women are angry. Very angry.

Republicans derailed the bill on Wednesday after the Democratic vote to save it fell short. The Paycheck Fairness Act would have made it harder for employers to pay women less than men in comparable jobs and would make it easier for aggrieved workers to sue. According to an AP News report, the bill “narrows factors businesses can cite for paying women less than men in the same jobs and bar employers from retaliating against workers who share salary information.” The bill was proposed in the Senate, and every single Republican voted no.

Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) sponsored the measure, and though she feels disappointed, she made sure to assure everyone women “are going to continue to fight.” The battle is a necessary one; women average only 77% of men’s earnings, which is only a slight increase from the 61% seen in 1960. 16% could normally be seen as substantial progress, but not if that’s all that’s been accomplished in 50 years. Paycheck discrimination based on gender has been illegal since 1964 with the passage of the Civil Rights Act, yet women today still only see about three quarters of every dollar a man earns. African American women make 62 cents for every dollar earned by a white man. Latina women earn only 54 cents.

Seemingly, this is an issue that everyone, regardless of party, would wish to fix. After all, this wage gap is seen within the same jobs, and it makes no sense for one employee to be paid less than another simply because of gender. However, Republicans refuse to pass a bill attempting to fix this problem because they claim the pay gap is a myth, or exists because women make it that way.

Republicans are arguing that women’s choices contribute to the gap, since women are almost twice as likely to work only 35 to 39 hours per week. Women who work more indeed earn 88% of male earnings, which is admittedly a smaller gap. Also, 62% of the 3.3 million workers earning at or below minimum wage last year were women. Then, of course, the issue of marriage and children makes a difference. The US Bureau of Labor reports that single women who have never married earned 96% of men’s earnings. Therefore, Republicans believe the bill is unnecessary because the gap occurs naturally, paying women less for the same job is already illegal, and these new laws will only encourage frivolous lawsuits (it is also important to note that the top members of the Republican Senate leadership are all men.)

The US Chamber of Commerce and other business groups agree with Republicans that the bill would tie the hands of employers and make it hard to award merit pay or offer flexible work hours in exchange for lower pay, and would also expose employers to lawsuit after lawsuit. However, why shouldn’t this take a back seat if women are being slighted in their paychecks? Why shouldn’t women sue their companies for every penny they’re owed? Any company who isn’t discriminating based on gender should have no reason to feel concern if they can prove that they aren’t doing so.

The fact is most women don’t even know they’re being discriminated against because companies that do it won’t allow their employees to discuss pay. Says Fatima Goss Graves of the National Women’s Law Center, “very few people have enough information to know that they’re making less, much less bring a pay discrimination charge.” Deborah Thompson Eisenberg, a law professor who testified before the Senate, argues, “most women do not want to sue their employers. They want the law to express a stronger commitment to equal pay for equal work so employers will have an incentive to pay them fairly without the need for litigation.” This law will give women the ability to make sure they’re receiving the correct pay and fix it if they aren’t. Why wouldn’t that be acceptable? Most employers hopefully would realize if they were exercising unconscious bias, and if it was conscious bias, then public data could hopefully shame them into changing.

Present lawsuits fighting the wage gap are often dismissed because “some courts interpret ‘substantially equal work’ so narrowly that it’s really difficult to make a claim,” according to Eisenberg. The Paycheck Fairness Act would broaden that idea and make it harder for employers to simply blame the market for discrepancies in pay.

Of course, Republicans are accusing Democrats of simply using this bill to get votes for the upcoming election, though admittedly that is a motive. Polls show Democratic voters are less enthusiastic than Republican voters, but women historically show more loyalty to their parties than men do. Its an obviously great tactic therefore to try and win the female vote, and Republicans are doing nothing but losing female support by rejecting this legislation. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NEV) says, “for reasons known only to them, Senate Republicans don’t seem to be interested in closing wage gaps for working women.” Indeed they don’t, and they instead spend most of their time arguing that women don’t need this bill and that Democrats are misleading women, again using those statistics that claim the gap is based on women’s choices to back that up.

Those statistics, though, don’t tell the whole story. True, women make up the vast majority of employees who receive at or below minimum wage. True, women get married and have children and therefore do not advance as much in careers. What isn’t true is that all women choose these jobs or these lifestyles. Sexism in society pushes women into domestic roles, where they still bear a disproportionate share of the burden of caring for sick kids or elderly parents. They then must settle for any job they can get in order to feed their families, while the men are given free reign to climb the corporate ladder. In today’s middle class, many families are even relying on female wage earners.

There is no reason then that women should not be equally rewarded for this hard work, yet men outearn women at every level of education and in comparable jobs. Senator Jack Reed (D-R.I.) seems to be one of the only ones who gets it when he says, “rebuilding the middle class begins with good paying jobs. And those good paying jobs won’t happen if women are systematically denied fair pay simply based on their gender.” Though the Paycheck Fairness Act failed to take off, Democrats are looking good to women and the middle class, and partisan Republicans who refuse to support them are managing to look really, really bad.

President Obama has also voiced his support for women’s equality, but even he isn’t their hero. In honor of “Equal Pay Day,” a public awareness holiday illustrating how wide the pay gap is, Obama issued an executive order prohibiting federal contractors from retaliating against workers who discuss their pay. He also instructed the Department of Labor to start collecting aggregate data from the same contractors on how much they pay their employees by sex and race. Though it is a step in the right direction, it will take a lot more for women to gain the equality they seek.

It starts with the women themselves. Women must stop settling for the lives society hands them. If they wish to move forward in careers and be justly rewarded for their hard work, they must actively pursue that life. They must make sure they are being paid fairly. They must vote at the polls come election time. They must raise their voices until American leaders on both sides of the aisle have no choice but to hear. Obama of course must do his part to support women, and Congress must forget its extreme partisanship in order to legally solve the issues American women face. Women, though, must be their own heroes. Barbara Mikulski isn’t giving up, and she encourages her fellow women to do the same. Mikulski says, “it brings tears to my eyes to know how women are working so hard and are getting paid less [...] then when I hear all of these phony reasons, some are mean and some are meaningless [...] I get angry. I get outraged. I get volcanic.” Its time for all American women to rise up and do the same.

Creative Writing Festival

Posted by titantv on April 11, 2014 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (0)

By Karlie Simmons 


At McDowell High School, the journalism program and the creative writing class is a very important thing. The students that work in it help produce Titan TV and the school’s newspaper. This is a show that helps let the student body and faculty about the events that are going on in the school.

One of the things that the Journalism class does to try and help and improve their writing is to go to workshops and writing festivals. They are actually getting ready to go to a writing festival on Friday, April 11th.

The festival that they are going to is the Montreat Creative Writing Festival. Some of the students in Journalism have already been to this festival once before. The students who have never been before are very excited about it. Some of these students would be Nathaniel Yates (junior), Hayley Taylor (junior), and Elizabeth Case (senior).

There are several different things that will be going on at the festival. One of the events that stands out more than the rest would be the Creative Writing Contest in Poetry & Fiction. Several of the students have submitted pieces to this contest in hopes of winning Montreat College Scholarships and simply, to have fun. Over the past years, McDowell’s group has done very well in this festival in events such as the Poetry Slam and the Creative Writing Contest in both Poetry and Fiction.

There are several other opportunities that this trip gives the students aside from the contest. For instance they are having a poetry slam and an open mic as well as several different workshops for things such as beginners starting out in journalism and those interested in screen play, and song lyric writing.

One of the students that have been before and have participated in the poetry slam would be Jenna Allison (junior). “Basically, the poetry slam, what we do is we get up and perform stuff that we have wrote to get the best reaction out of the audience, and then whoever gets the highest score from the judges wins.” This is one of the largest and most organized poetry slams that Jenna has been to. Which is to be expected since it is being hosted at a well respected college.

Wake Me Up When High School Ends

Posted by titantv on March 26, 2014 at 1:45 PM Comments comments (0)

By Kayla Gallion 


Don’t worry, teachers; its not you, its me.


Your lectures are as fascinating as ever, your homework is reasonable, your lessons are understandable, and your projects are interesting and inspiring. I can see how much effort you put into keeping your students on the right path. Seriously, keep up that good work.


But, why is it then that I sit in each class with my head propped up on my hand, my other wrist cramping as I scroll mindlessly on the great World Wide Web in front of me instead of focusing on the real world around me? Why is it that while you give a heartfelt speech or teach an important lesson, my eyelids flutter, my tongue starts lolling out of my mouth, and the only nodding coming from me is - not from agreement - but from a halfhearted effort to stay conscious?


There’s one good reason for it, and I have come to know what it is. Senioritis is real, is affecting the vast majority of the class of 2014, and currently has no cure.


And I have it.


It didn’t used to be this way. Once, an adult called me one of the most serious scholars they had seen. I was in kindergarten when they said that. I made straight A’s all through school, I was involved in several extracurriculars, and I became the dreaded teacher’s pet in almost every class. I was the nerd, the perfectionist, and the kid that took school to be the most important thing ever to exist.


But this year, everything changed. To that dreaded disease, I found I was not immune. It hit all at once, coursing through my veins and infecting my mind. I tried to fight it, but the illness is vicious. It spread all throughout me until I was effectively a zombie, trudging through the hallways as if I were wading through syrup.


I once would have spoken in every discussion Ms. Gesing held in history class; now, I draw pictures all over my notes. As a sophomore, I answered every question Mr. Yutzy posed with thoughtful, informative answers; now, my glazed eyes focus on his Malcolm X poster and I spend the class wondering why Yutzy and Mr. X have the same glasses.


I’m not alone. All around me, my peers are dropping like flies, succumbing to Senioritis as it spreads rapidly through the school. No one seems able to stop it. This horrible virus has proven to be the number one killer of motivation in seniors all across the country, and I’m sure teachers are at a loss. Where once our thoughts centered around homework, education, and our busy lives, they now constantly drift to thoughts of Senior Week, daily naps, and a permanent escape from high school hallways. It will all end only after we’ve walked across the stage at graduation, and we never stop yearning for that moment.


Teachers, don’t cry for us. Its okay; you did all you could. You stand at the front of the classroom day by day anyway, continuing to feed us information even as it slips right by our sleeping forms. You stare us face to face determined to give us knowledge, even though each day we look more and more like corpses sitting at our desks.


All you can do is keep teaching. I’m sure somewhere in the back of our minds, we’re storing all of that education. Maybe after we graduate, we’ll remember it all. On the bright side, there’s still plenty of sophomores and juniors paying attention, and they’re ready and waiting to answer all of your questions. If all of you keep fighting Senioritis, maybe one day, it will be eradicated.


In the meantime, though, don’t mind us. Don’t mind me. Its too late for us seniors, but we had a good run. Trust that you’ve succeeded in getting me this far, and just ignore me sitting in the back, hiding behind my computer screen and trying to keep from falling asleep.