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Hat Policy

Posted by titantv on February 6, 2014 at 1:20 PM

By Summer Parkins 

Students haven’t always fully understood the rule concerning hats in the classroom because of many miscommunications that occur surrounding them at McDowell High School.

Several students that do abide by the rule are just as confused on the rule’s reasoning as the students who break it, only removing hats because it is a rule, but not understanding why they are asked to do so. Taylor Bailey, a senior, asked “How is it distracting? I honestly don’t see how it could be disruptive to wear hats in school when most of us wear them every day.”

Terry English, Chairman of the School Board, explained that the most demanding cause for the hat policy is the issue of respect. “It is just good manners to remove one's hat when engaging the company of others, whether in the classroom or at a restaurant or the movie theater or a public assembly. Many times employers in the community tell us that they have to educate folks on appropriate standards of behavior including appropriate dress and manners,” he said.

English also said that the school board worried about the hazing that could accompany hats, such as a game of “keep away” that could disrupt class and cause humiliation for the child.

Cindy McPeters, a teacher at McDowell High stated that she does ask her students to remove their hats upon entry to the classroom, simply because it is a school rule. However, she added that she does not feel disrespected by students who choose wear hats because she recognizes that removing hats once entering a building is “traditional etiquette that we don’t really have in this generation.”

It is clear that times are changing, and there is increasing question as to whether or not this rule is still relevant today. Some call for a change in the rule in order to modernize, while others are still fighting to keep the rule and bring back traditional etiquette.

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