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Duck Patriarch Slammed for Beliefs

Posted by titantv on January 10, 2014 at 1:25 PM

By Karlie Simmons 

Lately, there has been a new battle that everyone has been talking about. This challenge between Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the show Duck Dynasty, and the producers of his hit reality show on A&E. This all got started when Phil gave his opinions about homosexuals.

Phil said that he does not approve of gays in his statement with GQ he said “start with homosexual behavior and morph out from there.”

Now honestly, I didn’t get all fussy and loud about it when I heard people talking about Phil getting kicked off Duck Dynasty. I just kept my thoughts to myself, but I am not going to keep them to myself for much longer.

Now I know that everyone is entitled to their own opinions about this and that everyone has their own. To me, with Phil getting kicked off, or suspended, depending on how you want to put, it is just an example of what our society and world is coming to.

When the Robertsons decided to start making Duck Commander Wine, no one said a thing about it even though not everyone is approving of drinking and alcoholic beverages. But as soon as one of them says something that remotely goes against gays they get immediate negative attention because they are labeled as being “anti-gay”.

This makes me sick. I am a religious person and I don’t see what the big deal is about not being approving of gays. Yes they are people just like everybody else but that does not mean that everyone has to approve of their lifestyle. It’s not like there aren’t people out there who don’t support drinking but do they get downed when they say something about that? No they don’t so what is the big deal about gays?

It’s not like Phil was saying that gays were beneath or lower than other people. All he was saying was that according to his religion it is sinful to be gay and that you can start out with the sin of being gay and then go through all different kinds of sins.

One of the other reasons that I think people have been so upset about this is because when Phil gave his comments, it was with a magazine and not anything that came from A&E. It was none of A&E’s business what Phil said. That was his opinion on the topic, but of course they had to say something about it because they “strive” to be equal to all people regardless of the things that they do.

Instead of standing up with Phil and for what is right, they decided amongst themselves to go with what everyone else thought was the good and right thing to do and suspend him from the show.

I am glad that they did let Phil come back to the show. It just seems to me that the producers who kicked him off seem a little hypocritical now because if they felt that they had to make an example of him, then why did they let him come back to the show in the first place.



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