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Little Titans Arriving Soon

Posted by titantv on February 28, 2014 at 1:10 PM

By Karlie Simmons

At McDowell High, there are several faculty members that serve as mentors or surrogate mothers and fathers to some of the students who go here. Regardless of whether these faculty members are actually mothers and fathers themselves they are still able to fill these roles for some students.

A few of the female role models here are Mrs. Jennifer Croymans, Assistant Principal, Mrs. Kendall Waugh, Guidance Counselor, and Mrs. Jennifer Gant, one of the math teachers. And, they are all currently expecting a child.

For Mrs.Waugh, this will not be her first time expecting, but it is both Mrs. Croymans’ and Mrs. Gant’s first time being pregnant. All of the expecting mothers are excited about the new additions to their families. Mrs. Waugh stated, “I am excited! It’s my fourth kid. I feel like I’m an old hat, but I feel like I’m starting over at the same time.”

Both Mrs. Croymans and Mrs. Gant are very excited as well. Mrs. Croyman said, “I’m very excited. We had decided to have a baby two years ago and it took a while to get pregnant. We bought a house in July and then only a little while after that we found out on July 21 that we were expecting so we are very anxious but excited.”

When asked if she was excited, Mrs. Gant said “Of course I’m excited, nervous, anxious, and scared for all different reasons.”

Being pregnant can be a relief to some moms, like Mrs. Waugh, that have already had children because they know what they need to do from prior experiences. The only thing that Mrs. Waugh really worries about is that her baby will be healthy because since she is a little older than when she had her others, it makes the risks for complications more higher than normal.

“I did worry when I first found out that I was pregnant because I am older and the risk of having a child with down syndrome or other disabilities is higher,” she said. “My doctor recommended that I get genetic tests done, but I didn’t do it because I knew that if I did and something was wrong that I would worry or if I didn’t get anything done I would still worry. But, all of my ultrasounds have been good.”

Moms almost always try to do everything the doctor says and try to stay extra careful so their pregnancy will go as smoothly as possible.

Mothers that have already had children still follow all the precautions that they would have when they had their first child. They just have past experience on how to take care of the baby when they get to bring him or her home from the hospital. They don’t have to worry so much about doing something wrong. Luckily, for the expecting moms here at McDowell, they are all having little boys.

Mrs. Croymans is concerned about being a good mother as would be expected. “I am concerned that my little boy will have a good support group at home. My dad died in December and his other pappaw lives eight hours away so I am just concerned that he won’t be able to get spoiled.”

Mrs. Gant’s only concern is whether or not her baby will be healthy and that she will be “the best mom I can be.”

All of the expecting ladies know their due dates are. Mrs. Waugh is expecting her little boy on or around March 10, Mrs. Croyman is expecting her son around March 21 and Mrs. Gant is expecting her son on May 27.

The mothers have also picked out their sons names already. Mrs. Croymans is wanting to keep her son’s name a secret until he is born but she did say that his initials are going to be M.J.. She is keeping it a secret because when her dad died, he was the only one she had told. Mrs. Gant has decided to name her son Maddox Lealand. Gant she says that Lealand comes from her husbands side of the family. Mrs. Waugh has decided to name her son Oliver Graham.

What is even cuter is that all of the moms will be out on leave around the same time and they are all having boys that will be able to go to preschool together. They have already applied for their sons to go to the preschool here at MHS.

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