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The Simple Things

Posted by titantv on March 26, 2014 at 1:40 PM

By Taylor Bailey 


Senior year of high school is hard, not just by my standards, but practically every senior having to endure the stress of the their last year of high school. We have colleges to apply for, competing for scholarships, keeping up our grades, studying for exams, not to mention anything we do outside of school, like part-time jobs. We soon forget that we should cherish the time that we get to spend as teenagers. We forget to smell the roses and pet a dog. We are solely focused on school and academics and trying to get into the good colleges that we don’t take time to be teenagers.

So, one day, my friends and I printed about twenty papers that had the words “Take What You Need” typed on them. Then, at the bottom, there were tabs, each labeled something different: Patience, Love, Family, Peace, Faith, Joy, Courage, Strength, Healing, Understanding. We posted them all over the school, hoping that maybe it would help students to remember that we are still young. By the end of the week, we barely had a single tab left on the papers. Knowing that even for a moment, we helped others in this hectic and insane rollercoaster ride of high school, made it all pretty much worth it.

My biggest flaw is impatience, and I can admit that. So, the tab I took was Patience. That little strip of paper is taped to my computer desk so that I can see it everyday. One of the friends who helped me with this project, Elizabeth, has hers in her wallet. So everytime she opens it, she sees the word Love staring up at her. Maybe other students have done something similar to this. Maybe they open their locker and see Understanding, or they open to the page they are at in a book and see Courage to help them through.

This idea, this vision, to remember that being alive is so much more than just applying for colleges, allows us as students to take a break from all the stress and simply enjoy life. Since this, I have made it a point to live better in remembering that little slip of paper. Not granted, I still get overwhelmed with stress and procrastination way more than I should, but I remember that life is temporary. And this, making a difference, is totally worth it.


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