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Double Black Belt

Posted by titantv on April 17, 2014 at 12:35 AM

By Karlie Simmons


Things are almost never what they appear on the first glance especially when you are dealing with people. Someone can look so sweet and then be the complete opposite or someone can seem so weak or fragile and then they have an amazing amount of strength. A perfect example of this at McDowell High is Sophomore Matthew Tipton.

Matthew is a smart young man who has a bright future ahead of him. On the outside he looks fragile or frail because he is so small.One thing that you would never expect from Matthew would be that he takes martial arts or karate.

Not only that he takes karate but the rank that he holds in it. Tipton is a double black belt. “It doesn’t mean that I have a black belt that doubles or wraps around I literally have two black belts.” Tipton Each belt is from a different style of karate.

Tipton has been taking karate since he was in kindergarten. He started doing karate at Karakido off of main street he earned one of his black belts there. Now he has started taking karate at the YMCA in marion and he has earned his second black belt in goshushin.

He has been ranked higher than others since he has two black belts. “I’ve ranked first in sparring and katas and weapons.” He is also an assistant instructor.

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