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Problems in the Parking Lot

Posted by titantv on April 29, 2014 at 12:55 AM

By Summer Parkins 


Since construction began last year, much drama has taken place in the student parking lot. Students have become frustrated with newly enforced rules and are confused as to why they are suddenly being put in place.

What several students aren’t aware of is that these rules have existed for several years, but haven’t been enforced because there wasn’t much call for it. However, in the past couple of years, incidents have taken place in the parking lot in which people have gotten injured and the school has been held accountable. Teachers and administrators have been blamed for things that occur on campus when they aren’t around. Legally, teachers cannot be held after 3:30 PM, therefore there is no one left to monitor the parking lot after this time.

In a perfect world, it wouldn’t be necessary that high schoolers would need to be monitored, but after several cases of angry parents calling and complaining about their children getting into fights, doing drugs and even getting pregnant on school grounds, administrators said they have been put in a difficult position. They are held responsible for things that take place on school grounds and are expected to make sure students behave as they should, even when they are not present. The only solution is to usher everyone out before 3:30 because there is no one left to monitor.

The administrators realize that it is difficult to clear the parking lots when the buses do not pull out until 3:20 PM and there is a constant stop in traffic. They also have acknowledged that students with jobs worry that the gas they can hardly afford is burning while they idle in traffic; however, administration has decided that there are no other options left. In order to keep students safe and to prevent liabilities, the parking lots must be cleared by 3:30.

Parents expect their children to be safe in a school setting, effectively making the teachers and administrators feel as if they have been put in a parental place. Mr. Rodney Wheeler said that parents don’t want their children getting into trouble or getting hurt, especially at school, “and neither do we.”

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